One has to admire the man’s courage – not a lot of people dare to write about their failures. And that makes this book such a pleasure to read; his cunning account of his attempt to become leader of Canada’s liberal party and after that, premier. As we know he never made it to the highest office, but that is exactly what makes this account a great guide for anyone aspiring a career in politics. Most pressing lessons: 1) know why you want to be a politician – what is your story? (and yes, everyone says he wants to make a difference), 2) be clear on what you want to accomplish, 3) be prepared for low-hearty attacks and perversions of your message.

Een greep uit mijn uitzendingen “Feit of Fabel” op BNR Nieuwsradio
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Over bio-plastics en vroegtijdige schoolverlaters – 14 juni 2103
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Voor meer uitzendingen zie The Fact Club

Watching the series Tour of Duty as a kid gave me the feeling to ‘see and feel’ the Vietnam War. This novel does an even better job. The battle for Matterhorn, one of the many hills in the dense Vietnam forest, tells the whole story: the horror of war, the friendships that keep the young soldiers together, racial tensions, competing ambitions, totally meaningless fights, and the struggle not to go crazy. Left me speechless and in great admiration of Karl Marantes, who worked for more than three decades on the book.

The book’s protagonist wants to recreate his memories, in the sense of actually rebuilding them,  and spends all his money and time on it. As it gets more and more real, it also gets more violent. Highly original.

Me on the slopes of the Mont Blanc

June 2012

Mont Blanc 4810

June 2012

Wonderful little book that eclipses all management books in explaining that the power of imagination and inspiration can take us anywhere. Zander’s speeches are a delight, using his passion for music (he is a conductor) to convey his message.

Modern Verdun

Probably the best book ever on the excitement and sheer craziness of extreme mountaineering.

Hilarious account of Congressman Charlie Wilson, who together with CIA operative Gus Avraktos, creates an ever expanding program to support the Afghan Mujahideen – back in the days when the Soviets were fighting in Afghanistan. This story proves that reality is more surprising than our imagination.

Devastating account of the atrocities in Idi Amin’s Uganda – through the eyes of a man who loses everything. Beautiful and painful at the same time.


Samen met Mickey Huibregtsen stelde ik deze essaybundel samen. In dit boek laten  we verschillende mensen, uit diverse sectoren, aan het woord over hun visie op maatschappelijke verandering.
Na de lancering volgde veel aandacht in de media. Zo waren er dagelijkse interviews met auteurs op BNR Nieuwsradio en publicaties in het Financieele Dagblad.

Bestel het boek Bol of op Management Boek.

De maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen volgen elkaar in hoog tempo op. Om hier adequaat op te kunnen reageren zal iedereen – van burger tot politicus, van journalist tot wetenschapper – voor zichzelf de vraag moeten beantwoorden hoe onze toekomstige samenleving eruit zou kunnen zien en welke rol hij daarin moet spelen. Deze essaybundel is een brede waaier van ideeën over een ommezwaai in de Nederlandse maatschappij. Het zijn ideeën van toonaangevende mensen over de kernvragen die het publieke debat zouden moeten beheersen en vragen als:
– Hoe maatschappelijk betrokken is de burger?
– Hoe selectief en effectief is de overheid?
– Moeten wetenschap en onderwijs vrijer worden?
– Durven bedrijven maatschappelijk actief te worden?
– Nemen de media hun verantwoordelijkheid?
– En wat betekent dit voor de maatschappij in haar geheel?

Met bijdragen van grote namen uit de politiek, media, wetenschap en het bedrijfsleven. Onder anderen: Frank Ankersmit, Vincent Icke, Margalith Kleijwegt, Uri Rosenthal, Paul Rutten, Bernard Wientjes, Jos de Beus, Wiet Bruijn, Steven van Eijck, Ben Knapen, Fokke Obbema, Mabel van Oranje, Marian Oudeman, Paul Schnabel, Willem Stevens en Steven de Waal.

As millions of others, I call myself a Murakami fan. This books was my introduction to his world, one I will never forget.

McEwan’s best.

Old marine officer Menzies tells in this page-turner how the Chinese Empire collapsed in 1421 at its highpoint: at a time when it ruled the oceans, had established posts as far as on the shores of Patagonia and was cultural trendsetting. Until a perfect storm – internal unrest, imperial overstretch, superstition – made the emperor chose to close down the country, destroy his state of the arts war ships (‘as high as buildings’) and forbid all diplomatic and trade relations. This is the situation China has more or less been in ever since. It is only now that China is reclaiming, after 500 years, its dominant position in the world. Heavily criticized, but a great read.

The best book I’ve read from one of the best Dutch contemporary authors.

In Coetzee’s post-Apartheid South-Africa violence is unleashed in new ways.

Read it for the first time as a relatively young boy and was easily pulled into the adventures of Marlow and Kurtz. Re-reading years later gave me a better understanding of the depth of this beautiful allegory.
Served as inspiration for Apocalypse Now, one of my all time favorites.

Of all his books I pick this one as it made the most impact on me – anyone wanting to understand the art of creating an atmosphere, please turn to the late Garcia Marquez.

Read all his books, but this one stands out. American Psycho is over the top in every sense: it’s cruel,  fascinating and raises questions about one’s own motivations.

Reading it in two days at the age of 14, this book taught me the beauty of great literature. Will never forget the first sentence and have been looking for the mysterious country home, where Henry, Camilla and the rest came together, ever since.

A worldwide best seller, I found it a mediocre book, too childish. I only finished it because of the interesting historic bits.

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