About me

I, (Daniel) Pepijn van Dijk, 

…am driven by a passion for the public cause

…work at the interface of (international) business, politics and society & currently serve as the director of VSO

…enjoy combining disciplines, ways of thinking and connecting people in creating new initiatives with impact, as The Fact Club, Fronterra and CineCrowd.

…am founding participant of THNK, School for Creative Leadership

…am a city dweller who loves nature

…have edited a book on the need for more dynamism in society and had a weekly fact checking item – Feit of Fabel on Dutch national radio, BNR

…am an avid reader with an inquisitive mindset; I spend many hours a day reading anything I can lay my hands on. I have a special interest in politics, international affairs and leadership

…am a lover of culture and the arts: in particular books and film

…can’t do without my friends

…am blessed with a beautiful wife and two daughters, who keep me laughing and loving every day.

E: dpvandijk@gmail.com
M: +31 616364681