It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

The global order is fragmenting. Chaos and conflict loom at the horizon. Climate change is the great accelerator, technology the global disruptor. In this uncertain world, we need more creative and courageous solutions to preserve a livable, prosperous and fulfilling world.

It is going to be the greatest adventure of our generation.

My contribution the last 10 years

Dutch Liberal Party – VVD, executive director

2021 – 2023
Political innovation.

CarbonFix, founding board member

2021 – 2023
Fighting climate change by supporting CO2 innovations

MercyCorps, board member

2021 – now
International relief and development

LittleBitz, director

2017 – 2020
Tech for good start-up. Direct giving.

Sustainability Strategist

2013 – 2015
Public-private & businesses in clean energy and food. Africa.

executive director

2016 – 2017
Empower people and fight poverty. International NGO.

De Publieke Zaak, director

2009 – 2013
Bottom-up societal innovation. The Fact Club.

Let’s create something together.

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