The 6 best films I watched in 2016

High Rise – Ben Wheatly
A Hobessian state of eat-or-be-eaten takes hold of an entire building, resulting in orgies, rape and murder. In this madness some inhabitants seem to finally feel alive.

Elle – Paul Verhoeven
Exciting and discomforting. Not in the least because of the best French actress alive: Isabbele Hupert.

Men & Chicken – Anders Tomas Jensen
Unique, funny, intelligent and absurd. Best film of the year.

Hell or high Water – David McKenzie
Modern-day Western, set in Texas – as it should. With an excelling Jeff Bridges.

Spotlight – Tom McCarthy
Investigative journalist unveil child abuse cover-up in the Catholic Church. A very topical film, as molestation of this kind is widespread.

The Big Short – Adam McKay
I loved the book, the film is almost as good. Intelligently done, capturing the essence of the financial crisis in a humorous, yet confronting way.

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