Youth – Paolo Sorrentino (2015) ****

A rich and impressive film about friendship, growing older, family and yes…life; both humorous and philosophical, it’s a visual wonder (as may be expected from Sorrentino) with great actors (notably the 82 year old Michael Caine). Despite flirting with kitsch, especially in some scenes towards the end, it’s a film to love.

Slow West – John McLean (2015) ***

Since I saw him excel in Steve McQueen’s “Hunger”, I go to see every new Michael Fassbender movie. Slow West is certainly not his best, but it’s good entertainment: a combination of a ferry tale, a classic western and some Tarantinoesque shooting scenes. The story line is pretty straightforward: a Scottish boy looking for theContinue reading “Slow West – John McLean (2015) ***”

The Imitation Game – Morten Tyldum (2014) ***

Being familiar with his story, Alan Turing’s achievement didn’t come as a surprise to me. One of the film’s merits is that it succeeds in getting across the enormity of the sacrifices needed to win a war – including keeping secret that Turing breaking the Enigma code hastened the allied victory. And one that wasContinue reading “The Imitation Game – Morten Tyldum (2014) ***”

Whiplash – Damien Chazelle (2014) ****

Cruel and beautiful, Whiplash stands for the search for excellence, the extreme way – pushing people into the abyss hoping they will emerge from it as a once in a lifetime genius. Because real (musical) talents, those who aspire to be one of the greatest, will never be discouraged.  By nothing. Not even Terrence Fletcher,Continue reading “Whiplash – Damien Chazelle (2014) ****”