Refresh your priorities

A better book than the somewhat hysterical title suggests. Positioned as a totally new approach to living a good life, it actually builds on similar books, advocating the need to set clear priorities based on values, choosing relationships above result, valuing doubt over being right and critiquing the ferocity and speed with with (social )media elevates victim-hood to a thing relevant to the general public. Which of course it isn’t. Compare: ‘outrage porn’ – which it is.

The main idea behind the book is that you do have to give a f*ck (the author’s spelling), but need to make your mind up on which values you want those f*cks to be based on.
So nothing new, but a good refresher, of some important lessons.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck – Mark Manson, 212p Harper Collins, 2016

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