LittleBitz: A new way of giving

Recently, I was interviewed by THNK, school of creative leadership, which I attended in 2012. Find the interview by THNK’s Sophie Poulsen here, or below: At the end of 2017, the number of forcibly displaced people reached a record high of 68.5 million. Fueled by the crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Myanmar,Continue reading “LittleBitz: A new way of giving”

Modern Verdun

April 25th, 2012, Originally published on TAKE A STAND | I was hoping that Easter would bring us a small miracle. The miracle of a political breakthrough. Not in the last place because Easter is a historically good period for miracles. It didn’t happen.  But then suddenly, last Saturday, after 7 weeks of completeContinue reading “Modern Verdun”