From a Martin Gurri piece at Mercatus: “When populists are accused of being offensive or unethical, we must keep in mind that their accusers—establishment media and political actors—have already been judged and found guilty by the public. For this to change, the elites have to change. Somehow, those at the top have to regain their good character in the eyes of the public. They must discover ways to win respect in the… Read More

Worthwhile to check the last page of this McKinsey research. Lessons and practices for leaders, to go back to every now and then.

Great piece from Steve Blank explaining why large companies do “Innovation Theater” instead of actual innovation.

Pax Americana in a Chinese world Our modern day addiction Brooks on our Second Mountain

Had to catch up with my to-reads, here’s this week’s digest: The Chinese mayor John Bolton: is Trump’s “bloodsucker” now the adult in the room? Bullshit is the junk food of experience The economic miracle is over. And that’s fine And watch Macron go on for hours

Twee keer over duurzaamheid van het (nationaal) populisme, uit Engeland (Matthew Goodwin) en uit Frankrijk (Christophe Guilluy) National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy Elite legt het af tegen het populisme en hoe babybooomers het in de VS hebben verpest  van de briljante alleskunner Steven Brill “Yet key measures of the nation’s public engagement, satisfaction and confidence – voter turnout, knowledge of public-policy issues, faith that the next generation will fare better… Read More

Tyler Cowen arguing against the art of storytelling

What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter? Read it in this Farnam Street blog  

Bruno Maçães calls for a far more aggressive European foreign policy. “Crises and challenges unaddressed by an active foreign policy make themselves felt later in the domestic context. That’s how so many Commission proposals come to be: on relocating refugees, on blocking Chinese investment, on countering Russian fake news.” Read the full article here.

How Trump’s ideas are hurting exports

Very true, and cannot be said enough

Deep state or corrupt government? Tyler Cowen and Nassim Taleb on the trouble with education Kurt Vonnegut on how to write good short stories How D-Day was planned Fifty lessons from the Gulag Can Europe save the world? Addiction & Fortnite

“Vice to which great powers easily succumb in a multipolar world is inattention; in a bipolar world, overreaction; in a unipolar world, overextension.” Isn’t that precisely what we have been witnessing? Convincing Foreign Policy piece from Stephen Walt on why thinking as a realist in (geo) politics is the best way to enhance the prospects for peace.    

Part of  Snyder’s interesting mini YouTube lectures, I recently discovered.

De nieuwe darling-politicoloog, de ietwat alarmistische Yascha Mounk vindt van niet en maakt zich zorgen. Tom van der Meer (van het onvolprezen blog Stuk Rood Vlees) weerlegt dat onderzoek, breed uitgevent door de NY Times. Het het valt allemaal reuze mee: de democratie is bij de neiuwe Europese generatie in goede handen.