The depressing Trump show

An erratic Trump runs around in a chaotic White House, binge watches Fox and has trouble taking in information. He has no focus. Except for one issue: trade. He is absolutely adamant to get the US out of all its treaties and ‘globalist’ arrangements. Trump is certain trade deficits are lethal, despite all the intelligence and facts he gets on a daily basis proving the contrary.

Woodward seems to rely heavily on ex-staffers as Reince Priebus and Gary Cohn, and paints a terrible picture of the American president. Trump considers instilling fear the best management style, but he is above all – as his former attorney Dowd – puts it: a “fucking liar.”

It’s almost too much; the cynicism, the rivalry, the lack of strategy. I’m not sure what’s more depressing: that this is actually happening or the fact that we’re not surprised anymore.

Bob Woodward, Fear, Simon And Schuster Uk, 448 pagina’s, 2018

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