The guilty elites

From a Martin Gurri piece at Mercatus:

“When populists are accused of being offensive or unethical, we must keep in mind that their accusers—establishment media and political actors—have already been judged and found guilty by the public.

For this to change, the elites have to change. Somehow, those at the top have to regain their good character in the eyes of the public. They must discover ways to win respect in the chaotic theater of the web, and they must develop a rhetorical style adapted to the digital age. The fact that, so far, they appear utterly unwilling to try should not be surprising. If the 20th century was a golden age of top-down control, the 21st is a sort of Dante’s Inferno—with ever deeper circles of torment—of the elites. A reactionary temper is the natural outcome of such a fall from the heights”

If the premise is true, Biden is toast…

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