History has begun – Bruno Macaes

Again, a great, counter-intuitive, book by Bruno Macaes, who’s gaining real traction as one of today’s most interesting thinkers – and prolific twiterazzi. After China and Europe he now turns to the US.

His thesis on the United States is not as multi-layered as his last two books on Eurasia and the Belt and Road, but carries nevertheless a great insight: the US is living in a fantasy world, of its own making. The laws of reality don’t apply to America anymore – it is carving out a parallel universe for itself.

The walls between Hollywood and politics, between the fake world and reality, have crumbled. Life is one big show. As Trump would say: “My election night was one of the greatest nights in the history of television!”.

We, rational Europeans will never really understand this mindset, this willingness to deny gravity. The concept of the West will change, with a post-truth America no longer the harbinger we have been relying on.

Bruno Macaes warns that the ties with former colonial power Europe will eventually be severed as the US is charting it’s own future. Free, from reality and from those with less appetite for fantasy.

Stay tuned!


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