One that I wanted to read for a while. This is the kind of novel that makes fiction worth reading, yes even an unique experience. It’s with a great deal of jealousy that I read about Amadeu Ignacio who works at daytime and writes at night. Like the protagonist, Gregorius, he barely sleeps. They don’t feel particularly well, but what a enrichment of life not needing sleep would mean!

Watching the series Tour of Duty as a kid gave me the feeling to ‘see and feel’ the Vietnam War. This novel does an even better job. The battle for Matterhorn, one of the many hills in the dense Vietnam forest, tells the whole story: the horror of war, the friendships that keep the young soldiers together, racial tensions, competing ambitions, totally meaningless fights, and the struggle not to go crazy. Left… Read More

The book’s protagonist wants to recreate his memories, in the sense of actually rebuilding them,  and spends all his money and time on it. As it gets more and more real, it also gets more violent. Highly original.

As millions of others, I call myself a Murakami fan. This books was my introduction to his world, one I will never forget.

McEwan’s best.

The best book I’ve read from one of the best Dutch contemporary authors.

In Coetzee’s post-Apartheid South-Africa violence is unleashed in new ways.

Read it for the first time as a relatively young boy and was easily pulled into the adventures of Marlow and Kurtz. Re-reading years later gave me a better understanding of the depth of this beautiful allegory. Served as inspiration for Apocalypse Now, one of my all time favorites.

Read all his books, but this one stands out. American Psycho is over the top in every sense: it’s cruel,  fascinating and raises questions about one’s own motivations.

Reading it in two days at the age of 14, this book taught me the beauty of great literature. Will never forget the first sentence and have been looking for the mysterious country home, where Henry, Camilla and the rest came together, ever since.

A worldwide best seller, I found it a mediocre book, too childish. I only finished it because of the interesting historic bits.