…are of course the men and women of the New York Times. In the documentary “The Fourth Estate” we get a first hand account of the year following the election of Donald Trump. We see how the stories develop, what dilemma’s the editors are faced with and how The Times struggles to find a way to cover this new phenomenon. It’s a great concept, informative for sure, but for a full feature… Read More

A man of strong opinions (sometimes wrong, often right), Hitchens was knowledgeable on virtually every topic. He did what activist intellectuals ought to do: entertain and enlighten the reader. These interviews are a great reminder of this work and, quite fittingly, start and end with words from two of his outspoken friends: Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins. Christopher Hitchens, The Last Interview, 156 p, Melville House publishing 2017

Een film van Steven Spielberg. Met Meryl Streep. En ook nog met Tom Hanks, een man die bij mij altijd, ongeacht zijn rol, irritatie opwerkt. Daar mag je niet teveel van verwachten, behalve dat het een gelikte film zal zijn, met wat zwaar aangezette, clichématige karakters. Dat is The Post dan ook. Maar dan wel met een onverminderd belangrijke boodschap: dat de zittende macht, van de staat of anders, altijd moet worden… Read More

Highly original article on the rise of Trumpism – taking us back to Hunter S. Thompsons’s book on motorcycle guys. The ethics of the Hell’s Angels is still alive; and widespread.

A tremendous, and yet modest film, on a big subject: child molestation and cover-up within the Boston Catholic Church. Well acted, it also demonstrates the societal importance of brave, investigative journalists (an almost extinct species nowadays). I dearly hope that winning the Oscar will help to further unveil the criminal behaviors of so many in the Catholic Church.