Brilliant. If I had to choose one book to take with me to a deserted island, this is the one. It’s insightful, erudite, innovative (at least to me). It took me a while to read, because every single page is interesting and makes one think. For example; we all suffer from focusing illusion: nothing in life is as important as you think it is when you are thinking about it. Chew on it… Read More

A present form a friend who believes I’m in desperate need of focus. Though I think a permanent focus is an overrated asset, structuring priorities and getting things done is the number one motivator. This book is a helpful summary of the many management books on the topic.

Wonderful little book that eclipses all management books in explaining that the power of imagination and inspiration can take us anywhere. Zander’s speeches are a delight, using his passion for music (he is a conductor) to convey his message.