De wereld vraagt om specialisatie. En toch zijn het de generalisten die het verschil gaan maken. Iedereen kent de verhalen van briljante wonderkinderen, zoals schaakgrootmeesters of sportmannen als Tiger Woods. We begrijpen die verhalen, ze zijn aansprekend: we zijn gaan denken dat de wereld zo werkt. Kies een specialisatie en wordt steed beter en roem is je deel. Niets is echter minder waar. De grootste kans op succes maak je met een… Read More

Instructive guide on how to build the right incentives, feedback loops and variable rewards. A go-to-guide for developers, and marketeers alike. Below picture summarizes the premise of the book quite well. What do customers really want, which pain do you promise to solve? That’s the internal trigger the product (e.g. platform) is offering. The external trigger is a function of the benefit the product generates – e.g. doing as your peers. The… Read More

Tyler Cowen arguing against the art of storytelling

Being addicted to gambling, murdering your wife and obsessive nail-biting have something in common: they all can be prevented by replacing bad habits with good ones. The simple, but essential insight from this book is that one has to see the habit to be able to change it. This goes for individuals, organizations and societies. Especially organizations may seem to make rational decision based on facts, but instead firms are guided by… Read More

Brilliant. If I had to choose one book to take with me to a deserted island, this is the one. It’s insightful, erudite, innovative (at least to me). It took me a while to read, because every single page is interesting and makes one think. For example; we all suffer from focusing illusion: nothing in life is as important as you think it is when you are thinking about it. Chew on it… Read More