In 2015 kwamen 1,8 miljoen mensen de Europese Unie binnen. Dit aantal zal de komende decennia alleen maar verder groeien. Negentig procent van de migranten die aankomen in Europa is geholpen door een criminele organisatie, zo stelt de directeur van Europol. In Afrika zijn enorme illegale netwerken actief die zich verrijken over de ruggen van migranten. Met als middelpunt Agadez; de stad in Niger die al eeuwenlang een handelsknooppunt is. Nu is… Read More

In times of great emotion taking some distance can generate new perspectives. For sure, in dealing with the huge immigration crisis in Europe rational analysis is of great help in finding workable answers. This is an interesting, factual look at arguably the biggest challenge we’ve been facing for a while on the Old Continent. The author, Robert K. Visser from the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations, frames the dilemmas… Read More

Famous economist Paul Collier’s latest book focuses on the effects of migration; on both the immigrant as the people who welcome them. He manages to stay away from the moral high ground, that so often characterizes publications on this matter. His conclusions are surprising and have the potential to reframe the complex debate around migration. Of course, that would need other stakeholders (aid workers, politicians etc) to take the first exit from… Read More