Make nature wild again

The concept of rewilding is simple: bring back grassland mega-fauna (large herbivores as Konik horses, European Bison and Taurus) to make our ecosystem diverse again. Rich in plants and animals. Centuries of domestication and the spread of agriculture have done terrible harm to nature’s capacity to restore itself. It has downgraded earth. It is alsoContinue reading “Make nature wild again”

Leaders do matter

Not only has Tim Bouverie written a real page-turner, this beautiful book is also a great reminder of the importance of moral courage and thorough intellectual analysis. Many other narratives of the European pre-war years portray Chamberlain as a fool, as Hitler’s puppet. Bouverie is more nuanced: the prime minister was a good man withContinue reading “Leaders do matter”

Rutte: de Polder-Biden

Ik las de Rutte-biografie van Petra de Koning tegelijkertijd met die van Joe Biden. De overeenkomsten tussen de toekomstige Amerikaanse president en Mark Rutte zijn opvallend. Beiden zeggen niet veel met visie te hebben, beiden voelen goed het maatschappelijke sentiment aan (en handelen ernaar, gelijk een windvaan) en beiden ambieerden vanaf hun jonge jaren hetContinue reading “Rutte: de Polder-Biden”

Joe Biden, the right man after all?

Evan Osnos’ timing is perfect. His biography of Joe Biden was published when his protagonist was declared President-elect. Most of us know, by now, his all American story. Joe Biden’s life is one of great highs and incredible lows: from contemplating suicide after losing his wife and daughter at early age to traveling the worldContinue reading “Joe Biden, the right man after all?”

Hans Rosling – How I Learned to Understand the World ****

Hans Rosling’s book Factfulness did a fantastic job demonstrating how little we know about the world and how ignorant our models and assumptions are. His biography, published posthumously, takes us on a tour around the world, following Rosling’s career as doctor and researcher.It is a great story of a man guided by curiosity and theContinue reading “Hans Rosling – How I Learned to Understand the World ****”

The Ride Of A Lifetime – Bob Iger ***

As long time CEO of Walt Disney, Bob Iger has some lessons and insights to share with us. It’s wonderful to get a peek into the famous entertainment company, but as a creative leadership guide book it is somewhat disappointing. Iger is a business man, proud of his deals and his great success, which heContinue reading “The Ride Of A Lifetime – Bob Iger ***”

Pieter Waterdrinker – Poubelle ****

Pieter Waterdrinker heeft zo langzamerhand een stevig oeuvre bij elkaar geschreven, dat steeds beter zijn weg naar het grote publiek weet te vinden – mede door de mooie recensies. Op mijn vraag met welk boek ik zou moeten beginnen, antwoordde Waterdrinker (via twitter) dat Poubelle een goede introductie zou zijn. Hij had gelijk. Het boekContinue reading “Pieter Waterdrinker – Poubelle ****”